Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#supposed to be studying and revising for this Friday test, in contrast, wondering around doing movie, online? =/

I feel that my study method is totally different comparing to all these years of studying.Found that I can't concentrate if study that early ( actually is lazy). Last minute studying actually is much more effective but afraid that will get panic at any time. But still doing so. =/

#one more week to go...17 of August..I can bet that this is familiar to every single ACCA student..heart pounding...Buddha oh buddha please bless me for getting "P" not "F"...But if i get "F" maybe it's a sign from buddha that my efforts are not enough.need more practises..take a deep breath~inhale~exhale~good luck to all~ =)

#Next friday will be first day of PTPL leadership camp! yeah! can't please no "inconveniences" please..=P 4 days 3 night camp and i'm sure it worth it.9 members of group 6, 3 guys 6 gurls. guys is in cute size and i think i'll be the one who protect =/ call me *dai gar jie* =) guai.

Last day of camp..17 Aug..=='' wondering i'll be =) / =( / =?

#I learned a lesson that is, taking things easy.Believe these people around heart tinted.*only me can understand.and also she(LHY). =P* lurby.


Sunday, August 2, 2009 lazy to blog..sigh...weird things happened on me..sigh*

okie okie nvm lets start with hang outs with my best friend, lynnda.We hang out for a number of times last month.the most unforgetable day was on last last friday, i guess..well she is a very weird person, but still like to be with her =/ She suggested for us to watch movie harry porter on that friday, after her class on 4p.m.My class ends on 1p.m so i had to wait for her till 4p.m =/ She didnt show any reactions which should be but just responded in verry normal ways, " okie wait my class ends on 4 then we go gurney watch movie ya! " =/
as she said that she will be busy on the next week so okie fine...this is what a best friend be.lolll

well lynnda and me used to quarrel on small matters and express our own opinion non-stopable.sometimes feel annoying but at the end we compromised.lolll =/ but..actually quite fun to quarrel XD

for example, movie to watch that night.she wants to watch harry porter.initially i just said "OKIE". Later i kept on nagging and repeating the same words, that movie is not interesting at all! most people says that it's boring!! ice age is much better!! she insisted saying that no no it's nice and they never read the harry porter books before thats y they say not nice!! after quarrel for hrs, she said," z..okie la..okie ice age lo..~ " wink*

The movie "ice age" is totally awesome! she laugh lots and agreed that the movie is hillarious.
After movie we have dinner together at gurney plaza.

It's 10p.m. We walked out gurney plaza and had some night walk along gurney drive, enjoyed the night scenery.First time for me to have a night walk with best friend lol.errm...i hope to have a second time with someone (still unknown) XD

I have a very wonderful day gurl thank you~hugs. =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

++Lov3 Poem++

hehe~~ this time is kind of success~~
enjoy ya~~ ^^

Monday, June 29, 2009

2 weeks have passed~~n again my acca course starts~it's different now as i am not going to attend the class at disted college but at ptpl college~ =P
I am so sorry disted college i want to support u but for my own sake, i have no choice~
almost all of my classmates are not going to attend F4,5,6 at disted, but at ptpl.the reason is because of disted not providing a good lecturer for taxation paper whilst others quite okie.taking more papers at ptpl will get discounts on tuition fees~so i have made my decision.sorry~

these days started to busy with my housework again as my housemaid has been fired and sent back to her kampung.Removal of her is because of her working attitude.She is very lazy to do housework all she's doing is spending time miss her son.My family feels pity on her as she had lost 2 of her sons because of sickness and has no money to cure them.She used to be cheated by the agent, asking her to work but no salary for her in return.Since then she will never believe any single person in Malaysia, assuming every Malaysian are cheater.

Because of her unfortunate, my family decided to accept her, give her chance to work and give her salary.However, she did not believe my family, saying that my family cheat her money too.We kept trying to convince her and make her believe us but it never works.She kept saying that the food we gave her are poison etc.

Such choosy old woman she is.If the food is not delicious to her she will reject it and don't want to eat.And so we let her cook for herself.In the end, she lodge a complaint to outsiders on my family, saying that we hit her with rottans and not provide food for her for 2 days, plead the outsiders to report it to the police.what can i say?

Lots of dissatisfaction on her.She even bully my grandma, quarrel with her and being disrespect on my grandma.She has been too much.It is not fair to my family.We gave her chance but what we've got? almost everyday my family quarrel to each other just because of her.Mum quarrel with me, smtimes Dad quarrel, with mum. damn.It's enough and it's time to say byebye you xyz maid.

Glad that she left.But it's time for me and my mum start bz with housework.The maid did not fold up and iron the attires which is about 3 days.My mum have to work and so I am the one who settle the attires, sweep and mop the floor.I was doing housework from morning 10a.m till 9.30p.m only I can take a rest.darn. my back was ache.zzz.even accidentally burn my knee when iron clothes.zz

never mind~at least my living area back into peace~


Monday, June 22, 2009

wat i did in holiday

last week i spent my time,tidied my books and wardrobe..spending more time with my dear dear friends~~~ they taught me how to play roller skate and also taught me how to make china tradisional food~~ and also sing k with 2 groups of friends~~first group with nice dancing and good on screaming and shouting to release stress~another group is really good on singing and thks for affecting me XD .it's very enjoyable and meaningful.techniques of making "pau" is quite hard though...need more practice.I spent time to learn piano too~~feels disappointed on myself....demotivated to play piano~~~because played the same song thousands of time but errors kept occur~~sigh* feels so moody~~zzz
my acca course is going to start soon~~ for taxation, i will register to attend ptpl tax class~ because of good teaching skills of my friend told me that Mr.Oh from disted is better on teaching for F5 financial paper, so i have decided to attend his class~~~I dont think i can pass the papers i took on June 09, that is paper 7 , 8, 9.Of course still wish to pass the's very challenging and makes me feel exhaustive.I dont wish to re-take the papers....please~~~buddha please bless me.....please... * pray hard*

Saturday, June 20, 2009

white clothes bought from BJ. nice? lol. cost me 15 bucks haha =P