Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#supposed to be studying and revising for this Friday test, in contrast, wondering around doing movie, online? =/

I feel that my study method is totally different comparing to all these years of studying.Found that I can't concentrate if study that early ( actually is lazy). Last minute studying actually is much more effective but afraid that will get panic at any time. But still doing so. =/

#one more week to go...17 of August..I can bet that this is familiar to every single ACCA student..heart pounding...Buddha oh buddha please bless me for getting "P" not "F"...But if i get "F" maybe it's a sign from buddha that my efforts are not enough.need more practises..take a deep breath~inhale~exhale~good luck to all~ =)

#Next friday will be first day of PTPL leadership camp! yeah! can't please no "inconveniences" please..=P 4 days 3 night camp and i'm sure it worth it.9 members of group 6, 3 guys 6 gurls. guys is in cute size and i think i'll be the one who protect =/ call me *dai gar jie* =) guai.

Last day of camp..17 Aug..=='' wondering i'll be =) / =( / =?

#I learned a lesson that is, taking things easy.Believe these people around heart tinted.*only me can understand.and also she(LHY). =P* lurby.



Shu-Min said...

hie!! know that JL will be going to the camp too! hope u all enjoy!! have fun!! =)

Winni3 said...

hahax okie we will! ^^ if u,hc,cl,n ll got go will be more fun lor.=(
hey i think i will join u all for the disted prom coz most of them dont want attend ptpl prom.yeah! XD but when n where o?

VinN said...

helo.. ask u sumthing... hw u find the blogspot theme, layouts?

im so difficulty to found it out..

mind to recomemend me some ?

thx alot =) TC*

Winni3 said...

haha ur theme looks wonderful de ma =) well there's the link which leads to the free theme page on the upper left side of my blogspot.can u see it? and tat's the link. =)

Winni3 said...

errmm..i feel tat u're quite afraid of me arent u? dont be afraid la i wont eat u one la dont worry =)

VinN said...

Abit lor XP

But anyways thx =)

little devil casper yc said...

hi,i m casper...
just saw ur blog about ACCA in disted.
i wish to know more...
is it reali hard?
do u have msn?or u can add me